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Upcoming Punk Gigs That May or May Not Happen!!

September 23, 2020

Maybe I am rubbing salt in a wound posting about all the gigs that will more than likely be rescheduled but people are spreading the word about them so I felt unjust to not try and do my part, will be posting more Irish punk news as such in the coming weeks, as we will need to get behind the punk scene to start it again so just trying to keep the interest going. Also check out the great Our City newsletter a ‘Monthly Dublin Punk and DIY Music newsletter posted to yer doorstep’. 
So here is the listings of supposed upcoming gigs:

13/11/20 Pizzatramp, Voodoo, Belfast
Napalm Death Irish Tour with Okus + Unyielding Love

11/12/20 Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love, Limelight, Belfast
12/12/20 Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
13/12/20 Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love, Dolans, Limerick 

CONFLICT tour in Ireland 2021
08/01/21 Conflict, Drop Dead Twice Dublin
09/01/21 Confliect, The Deers Head Belfast (The Berliner) 

WONK UNIT Irish Tour 2021
04/02/21 Wonk Unit + support, Sandinos, Derry
05/02/21 Wonk Unit + support, The Limelight, Belfast
06/02/21 Wonk Unit + support, Drop Dead Twice, Dublin
07/02/21 Wonk Unit + support, Roisin Dubh, Galway

06/02/21 Steve Ignorant- Crass Songs, Button Factory, Dublin
13/03/21 Booze & Glory, Takers & Users + more TBA, Voodoo Lounge Dublin
12/03/21 Booze & Glory, Takers & Users, NO COLLUSION, Limelight, Belfast 
04/06/21 The Macc Lads, Brassneck, Limelight, Belfast
05/06/21 The Macc Lads + Jobseekers, Voodoo Lounge Dublin
24/06/21 Cro-Mags – Dolans, Limerick,
25/06/21 Cro-Mags – The Grand Social, Dublin, 
26/06/21 Cro-Mags – Voodoo, Belfast
27/06/21 Marky Ramone, The Belfast Empire 
31/07/21 MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops+ Bitter Pill, Blind Faith D.C., The Grand Social Dublin

Bad Cop / Bad Cop Irish tour 2021
09/11/21 Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Voodoo, Belfast
10/11/21 Bad Cop / Bad Cop, The Grand Social Dublin

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