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New Arrivals: Chain Whip, Slimy Member, Booji Boys

February 19, 2021

New Arrivals in from Drunken Sailor Records: Chain Whip – 14 Lashes LP a good few of you already have this but the rest of you should have this so I got restock Chain WHip is blizzard of brilliance that sounds like DOA, the Germs and Career Suicide. Probably one of the best releases of 2017 its back in print SLIMY MEMBER – UGLY SONGS FOR UGLY PEOPLE LP a meaner-than-thou blast of ominous power chords and lowdown menace with nods to Rudimentary Peni (obviously), Die Kreuzen. BOOJI BOYS – TUBE REDUCER LP ultra-lo-fi punk that sounds like The Undertones playing ‘Smarter Than U’ inside a hairdryer while dragging The Jags by their skinny ties and throwing them in a chemical waste dump?

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