August 4, 2021

Ok before I start posting about all the releases below have you heard Mess click play their Intercity 12″ should be embedded in a bandcamp below, click play and then continue to read. in this post.

MESS – Intercity 12″ Debut release for this mexican band, if you like BLITZ stop what you are doing and go listen to MESS especially ‘Street Boys’ you can listen to them here Castillo – S/T 12″ one-sided 12″ contains 5 tracks of thick-guitars, epic licks & leads, incredible bass lines and stomping drum beats members of COMBAT FORCE and REPEAT OFFENDER. Contempt – S/T 12″ Here we have here 8 tracks of some of the heaviest, meanest and musically richest OI! played nowadays: guitar driven, epic, melodic yet hard-hitting, with even a metal-ish edge. CUERO “Cabezabota” 12″EP New sonic assault by Bilbao’s CUERO, 4 tracks of pure fury soaked in heavyness, darkness embraced, with pounding melodies that mess with your head and makes you want to fistfight concrete buildings, distorted anthems for a marching pack of hopeless kamikazes. ABSOLUT’s “Punk Survival” LP a truly smasher inspired by Scandinavian/Japanese Hardcore, Crust and noisy D-beat. and if you like Absolut you should also INSTITUTION “DOMEN AR SÄTT” Members of Totalitar, Meanwhile, Heratys and Kvoteringen. Absolutely raging Swedish hardcore very much in the vein of the last Totalitar LP. BLACK PANDA “A La Caza Del U-666″ 12″ d-beat rock n roll a raging mix of fiery hardcore and balls-out garage rock action. if you liked SKitkidz and Auktion check out Black Panda!!!

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