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New In: Uncurbed, Dissekerad and Patches

April 6, 2022

Dissekerad Inre Strid LP 
New album from swedish raw punk monsters. members of Totalitar, Avskum, Exploatör, Humant Blod, Institution, Krigshot. Speaking Krigshot &  Exploatör we have yet another restock of EXPLOATÖR – AVGRUNDENS BRANT 12″ 2nd album from this “all-star” raw punk / d-beat band coming out from Sweden. KRIGSHOT – ÖREBRO MANGEL is in stock Maktmissbrukare was also in stock but is gone before I could write this. Krigshot is classic swedish hardcore with members of all of the above and also Disfear, Nasum, Meanwhile. Speaking of DISFEAR – A BRUTAL SIGHT OF WAR LP is back in stock and we still have copies of most other Disfear records as well. Before I stop talking about Swedish/Totalitar related bands got in some Embroided patches of Totalitar, Anti-Cimex, and Doom see photo above. (more restocks of Totalitar and Meanwhile coming soon) V/A DEMONS INSIDE US – 20 YEARS OF PHOBIA RECORDS COMPILATION LP  celebrating 20 years of Phobia Records !! A compilation LP with featuring 偏執症者 (Paranoid), Crutches, Myteri,  Dissekerad,  Absolut,  Parasit,  Appäratus,  Warcollapse,  Ursut,  Svaveldioxid, War//Plague and more. BURNING FLAG – MATADOR LP New album from UK hardcore / punk finest! NIGHTMARE – GIVE NOTICE OF NIGHTMARE Burning Spirits hardcore at its finest, with an incessant tempo, NWOBHM-like leads, amazing songwriting, and a self-empowering attitude. UNCURBED – …KEEPS THE BANNER HIGH LP master piece of d-beat rock n roll finally reissued.

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