Distrotable New Arrivals

New In: Vanguard, Life Force, Fiddlehead, Ignite

March 17, 2021

New Arrivals includes Vanguard an unapologetically vegan metallic hardcore, Life Force straight-edge hardcore band in the spirit of classic youth-crew inspiration, albeit with a darker modern twist. Fiddlehead – ‘Springtime and Blind’ 12″ featuring members of Have Heart and Basement, taking heavy influence from DC melodic post-hardcore of the ’80s/’90s like Fugazi and Rites Of Spring. MDC “Multi-Death Coroprations” was originally released in 1983, The follow-up to their debut single “John Wayne Was A Nazi” (as the Stains and before their name change to MDC), SIck Of It All – “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” the godfathers of NYC hardcore make their triumphant return to Fat with this 17-track banger. NOFX forge new territory on the punk rock landscape with offerings “Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing.” Warzone was one of the most crucial and influential bands that came from the New York hardcore scene “Open Your Eyes.” was their second LP. 
Sorry sold out of Mindforce and Rancid records.

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