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Ordering From Outside Ireland During Holidays

November 25, 2021

Last year was a bit unprecedented with both a global pandemic and Brexit causing havoc so hopefully things wont be as bad. But with Christmas and Black Friday shopping starting up again we could be thrown into a similar mess again we expect there to be some delays in shipping to outside of Ireland, hopefully not as bad as we experienced last year, over a month in some cases for delivery. Within Ireland, through all the postage chaos last year An Post still delivered within Ireland and Northern Ireland within 24-48 hours last December.

Due to the number of long delays and numerous messages from customers about where their delivery is we are going to have to put tracking on all postage to outside Ireland for the month of December and January and the end of November. This will mean postage will cost slightly more €7.00 to be exact on all packages outside of Ireland. This sucks I know but will sort a lot of confusion and give you peace of mind while spinning great records in anticipation of new additions to your collection arriving.

Shipping cut off dates will also come into effect so if you order after a cut off date for your region your order will not ship until early January otherwise your order will just go into a large warehouse and not move till after the holiday season in some cases last year possibly not until late February. The last shipping dates are displayed below for 2021 if you order after this date we will not ship until shipping resumes in January for an explanation on why we won’t please scroll down.

If you order a bunch of records we might send by courier and final shipping dates could be extended, please message to check.

ServiceRepublic of Ireland/ Northern IrelandGreat BritainEuropeUSARest of the World
An Post: Last Shipping DatesDecember 21, 2021December 20, 2021December 13, 2021December 09, 2021December 04, 2021
Last Shipping Dates

If you don’t want to pay that extra tracking costs. We do deals of free shipping on orders over €120 to the UK and over €200 to Europe this will automatically include tracking. If you only want to put in a small order and ordering a 12″ do not want to pay for tracking please message us and we can arrange your order manually but all risks and delays are on the customer.

We have a pricing chart below also the more you order the cheaper postage is, no tracking on 7″/small packets in Ireland, UK or EU

Republic of Ireland/ Northern IrelandGreat BritainEuropean UnionRest Of EuropeRest of the World
1x LP€6.30€14.50€15.00€15.00€20.00
2xLP/up to 1kg€6.30€18.00€18.50€18.50€25.00
3-6LPs/ up to 2kg€6.30/Free Shipping over €70€21.00/Free Shipping over €120€21.50/Free Shipping over €200€21.50/Free Shipping over €200€37.00
6-20LPs / up to 5kg€6.30/Free Shipping over €70€23.00/Free Shipping over €120€30.00/Free Shipping over €200€60.00€60.00
Last Shipping Dates

Tracking in Ireland all packages of sizes one LP or more come with tracking number and shipping is free over €70

Anyone wondering about the logistics side of things to the outside of Ireland I will explain to the best of my knowledge after shipping cut off dates (see table above) anything posted to these countries gets placed into a large warehouse as it physically won’t start to leave the country until international shipping resumes usually the first week in January. What then happens is the warehouse keeps filling up with the post sent the earliest being buried under the packages that keep coming in so by the time normal shipping resumes your items are buried deep. Everything in the front gets taken out first in a last in first out type policy. Leading to delays in your item not being shipped until possibly late January. For reference: https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2021/0111/1188962-an-post-says-christmas-mail-backlog-continues/
Once again last year had both Brexit and pandemic both still ongoing but hopefully are both more manageable this year.

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