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Out Soon: Mongrel / Guff Split 7″

December 21, 2022

Mongrel from Galway, Ireland are back after their cassette release of ‘Life Unlived’ with a split with Oslo, Norway’s Guff a complimentary of bands with a unrelenting both bands brings 3 tracks to this splatter disc punk!!

Reverbed vocals of snotty punk possessed by the pummeling hardcore. This is an absolute walloping of a 6 track spilt EP that trudges at pace as a primitive hardcore delivering an unpretentious darkness to hardcore scene that is striving for new ambitious heights

Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Artwork by Emilie Hayden-Rasmussen, layout by VoW.

Released on a white vinyl splatter with grey & navy wax by Distroy Records, Phobia Records, Tormenta de Ideas, Pumpkin Records, Wargame Records, Cimex Records, and Dead Invoice Records.

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