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Upcoming Irish Punk Gigs Feb 2020

February 2, 2020

Trying to make Distro-y more of a resource for the punk communtiy going to try and post a monthly gig listings which will show most of the Irish gigs coming up, support local punk

7/Feb: Irish General Election: Dont Vote FG or FF Get The Fuckers Out!!
7/Feb: No Collusion, Pink Wonder – Drop Dead Twice, Dublin
7/Feb: Statons Grave(Launch Gig), Audible Joes, Screams from The Attic – Fred Zepelins, Cork
15/Feb: Overdose 2.0 Punk Festival: Paranoid Visions, The Turn, No Collusion, Audible Joe’s +More Costellos Milk Market Bar, Limerick
22/Feb: Disguise (Last ever Irish Gig), Game (UK), Farce(UK), Overbite – Jigsaw, Dublin
27/Feb: Extravision, Nicetry Bloody Mary’s, Dublin
6/Mar: Do One(UK), Belfast
7/March – Do One(UK), Okus, Subordinate, – The Hut, Dublin
8/Mar : Do One(UK), Subordinate – The Cellar Bar, Galway
13/Mar: Vomit, The Nilz – The Thomas House, Dublin
14/Mar: Vomit, Stantons Grave – The Poor Relation, Cork
15/Mar: Vomit, The Gakk – Stags Head, Dundalk
17/Mar: L.O.I.T.O.N(USA), No Spill Blood, Rising Damp – Dalymount, Bohs FC, Dublin
20/Mar: ACxDC(US), Grief EaterRoisin Dubh, Galway
27/Mar: Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love – Dolans Warehouse, Limerick
27/Mar: The Nilz, Bar Tape, Belwood, Lovescum – Dalymount, Bohs FC, Dublin
28/Mar: Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love – Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
28/Mar: Morus(Poland), An Slua – Dalymount, Bohs FC, Dublin
29/Mar: Napalm Death, Okus, Unyielding Love – The Limelight, Belfast
3/Apr: Rubble(USA), Surge, Mana, Snake- Jigaw, Dublin
9/Apr: Knür (Catalán), Subordinate, Ornith – The Cellar Bar, Galway
10/Apr: Knür (Catalán) Dublin
11/Apr: Knür (Catalán) Belfast
12/Apr: Siege Of Limerick:Full of Hell(USA), Primitive man(USA) Grief Eater, Fiend, Mongrel, Worn Out, God Alone, Red Sun Alert and more – Dolans, Limerick
18/Apr: Tuono(Ita), The Blow Ins, Pozoga – Dalymount, Bohs FC, Dublin
24/Apr : The Restarts(UK), Takers & Users, Rant. Deathgrip, No Collusion, Buck Eejit – The Berliner, Belfast
25/Apr : The Restarts(UK), The Dubtones, Jobseekers, The Nilz, An Slua, Death By Washboard – Drop Dead Twice, Dublin
15/May: Conflict(UK), Böiler (HUN) – Drop Dead Twice, Dublin
21/May: Steve Ignorant (UK), Paranoid Visions, Audible Joes – Crane Lane, Cork
22/May: Steve Ignorant (UK), Paranoid Visions, The Gakk- The Button Factory,Dublin
23/May: Steve Ignorant (UK), Paranoid Visions, A.R.S.E. – The Limelight,Belfast
17,18,19/Jul: Punkfast – The Berliner, Belfast
31/Jul -2 Aug: Monolith Fest: Downfall Of Gaia(Ger) Conan(UK) God Alone. and lots more – Cyprus Avenue, Cork
Fri-14/Aug: Millions Dead Cops (MDC), Lawfucker, Pure Sonic Outcasts – Voodoo, Belfast
21/Aug: Doom(UK), Flashpoint, Bitter Pill, Deathgrip, Wardomized, By Any Means, Berliner, Belfast
22/Aug: Doom(UK), Flashpoint, Bitter Pill, Deathgrip, Wardomized, By Any Means, Fibber Magees Dublin
5/Sept: Radfest 2020 Kimberly Steaks(Sco), Cherym, Versive, No Matter, Audible Joes, Old Bean, Bar Tape, Belwood, Lovescum- Drop Dead Twice, Dublin

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